Monitor your machines in real time and increase your factory productivity!

Fully autonomous and automated system for any type of machine

Full factory deployment in a few hours

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Our Technology

Pulsar combines IoT sensor technology with machine learning  to automatically monitor the operational states of any industrial machine, providing real-time and historical performance indicators.


Data collection through  sensors connected to the cloud

Machine Learning

Automatic classification of performance indicators


Automated real-time and historical monitoring


Our App

Use the best technology and user experience to improve the operational efficiency of your factory

Find your improvement opportunities in one click!

Main Dashboard

Visualize the performance of your entire factory in real-time and historically, by grouping your machines in a global indicator.

Real Time

Monitor machine uptime in real-time and receive customized alerts to detect and solve problems immediately.

Historical Indicators

Analyze historical performance indicators with customized histograms, waterfall charts and reliability metrics, to find the best opportunities to improve.

We also provide statistical models to detect process anomalies based on the historical behavior of machines.

Customize your shifts and indicators

Plan and customize your shifts, downtimes and indicators according to your preferences and operational needs.


Industries we are serving

Printing and labeling
Food processing
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