Bringing real-time productivity monitoring and analytics to small and mid-size manufacturers


Are you ready to bring the best of IoT and AI into your operations?

Automated real-time monitoring and analytics

Improve your productivity TODAY!   

Our unique technology of plug-and-play wireless sensors and proprietary AI algorithms, automatically builds production indicators to the specific requirements/operations of each machine and factory, drastically reducing industrial monitoring & analysis costs and implementation time.

  • Fully-automated & autonomous system

  • Learns and adapts to each machine

  • Works with any machine

  • No human resources required

  • Affordable for small and mid-size factories

  • 2 hours implementation/setup




Performance Indicators

Automated visualization of your machines performance 24/7 with real-time indicators and historical reports

  • Availability

  • Performance

  • Line Utilization

  • Downtime Losses: Setup, Failures, among others

  • Operation State (Off, Stopped, Working)

  • Energy Efficiency & Consumption

Real-Time Alerts

Alerts that detect problems and inefficiencies immediately, to take actions on the fly and improve daily performance

  • Low Availability vs historical

  • Underperformance vs historical

  • Machine On / Off

  • Machine Overload

  • Late Starts / Early Stops

Statistical Process Control

Statistical methods to monitor and control your processes & performance through historical data

  • Control charts to assist ongoing monitoring process

  • Detection of special causes of process variation to keep it under control

  • Detection of significant changes of mean or variation

Continuous Improvement

Continuous pattern analysis of historical downtime losses to provide the best continuous improvement recommendations of Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and TPM

  • Specific machine improvement recommendations

  • Industrial plant cross-machine improvement projects 

  • Simple scorecard of process control implementation

  • Continuous Improvement Material

Case Studies

Currently testing our technology with factories of the printing, paper and metal industries.


Packaging and foodservice solutions for clients like McDonalds, Coca-cola, Unilever and P&G.


  • Papercup making, PMC750

  • Papercup making, PMC1000

  • Papercup making, PMC1003

BO Packaging


  • Rotary Die-Cutting, Saturno

  • Label converting line, Prati

  • Digital UV Inkjet Label Press, Nilpeter

Code Pack

Labeling, coding and marking services and supplies.


  • Pocket spring making

  • Automatic Bonell spring

  • Coiler manufacturing, Infinity


Production of home furniture and decoration solutions, including mattresses, box springs, beds and modular furniture.


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